About us

TravAbled Tours is an inclusive travel agency from the Republic of Croatia. Our goal is to provide tourist packages suitable for everyone, focusing on incoming tourism in Croatia. Since the founders of TravAbled Tours are people with disabilities, we are striving towards tours that will fit individual needs of both disabled and non-disabled travelers.

TravAbled Tours is a part of a global project Travabled.com – a travel community and advisor for travelers with disabilities, where people can ask questions about their trips, interact with community members, give recommendations and reviews for all wheelchair accessible and other disable-friendly places worldwide. For more information about the travel community advisor, you can check out our promo video (to the right) or just visit our site here.

We do not offer our tours exclusively to people with disabilities, but all of our travel arrangements are accessible to people with impaired mobility. For all inquiries and further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Stipe Splivalo, Co-founder & CEO